1. When does the recruitment take place?

The main recruitment takes place once a year in March via the USOS system. If WUT has funds, the second additional recruitment is organized in October.

2. For how long can I go for Erasmus+ mobility?

You can go abroad for one semester or for the whole academic year.

3. When can I go abroad within Erasmus+ programme?

You have to be a student of at least the second year of the first-degree academic studies (must have completed the first year of studies unconditionally).

4. Can I go for Erasmus+ exchange during the last semester of studies?

The decision is made by the Dean of the home Faculty. Please note that writing the thesis cannot be the only subject in the Learning Agreement.

5. How much money will I get?

The amount ofa  scholarchip depends on the country and the length of the exchange.

6. How do I get an Erasmus+ scholarchip?

After signing the agreement, we have 30 days to transfer the money to a student's bank account.

7. Why I haven't received my scholarschip yet? A friend who is travelling with me has already got money to his bank account.

According to the agreement, the university has 30 days to pay the scholarschip from the date of signing the agreement. The contract is signed after the delivery of a complete set of documents.

8. Which documents do I have to submit before departure?

Before departure, a complete set of documents needs to be submitted in the Erasmus+ Office. Please check Before mobility.

9.Who and when should sign the Learning Agreement?

All parties (student, an authorized person at WUT and an authorized person at the host University) have to sign the Learning Agreement before the start of the mobility.

10. Can I change subjects in the Learning Agreement during my mobility?

Yes, during your stay at the partner University, you can change subjects within one month from the beginning of the mobility.

11. Can I extend my stay at the partner University?

Yes, you can extend you stay at the partner University from winter to the directly following summer semester. Please check During the mobility

12. Is English always the language of instruction at the partner University?

No. Before applying please check all language requirements at the partner University. Information about the language of instruction and the required level of knowledge can also be found in the Agreement between the home Faculty and the partner University.

13. Can I resign from my Erasmus+ mobility?

Yes, you can submit resignation at any time. In case of signing the agreement and receiving a scholarchip, the money you received should be return.