Blended Intensive Programme

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) are short, intensive programmes that use innovative ways of learning, teaching and training for students and staff including the use of online cooperation.

Students of the 1st and 2nd degree studies and participants of the Doctoral School may participate in BIP.

BIP is a course organized by a partner university, consisting of two components: traditional mobility to the partner university, combined with a mandatory virtual component (optional for PhD students).

BIP participant receives at least 3 ECTS points for participation in the course.

Duration of the course:

- traditional mobility to a partner university - from 5 to 30 days,

- virtual component - indefinite time.


- period of stay at the partner university from 5 to 14 days - 70 EUR / day. Participant of the so-called with fewer opportunities * receives an additional EUR 100 for the trip,

- period of stay at the partner university from 15 to 30 days - 50 EUR / day. Participant of the so-called fewer opportunities * receives an extra EUR 150 for the trip.

* Participant of the so-called fewer opportunities: a person with a disability degree certificate or a student receiving a social scholarship at the Warsaw University of Technology.

The student applies for the course independently.

After receiving information about admission to the course, the student is required to send confirmation of admission to the course and to complete and deliver the following documents to the Erasmus + Office (all documents, except for the WWS Application, can be sent in the form of a scan to the following address: :

1. Application form

Application form BIP (.docx, 28.47 kB)

2. Learning Agreement BIP

LA BIP (.docx, 45.67 kB)

3. Form with the bank account number

Bank account form (.docx, 33.41 kB)

4. WWS application(original signed by the Faculty Coordinator for Erasmus + and the Dean of the Faculty)

After delivering the documents, the Erasmus + Office employees prepare a financial agreement for the co-financing of the student's stay at the partner university.


Before signing the contract, the student is obliged to provide a copy of the EHIC card and accident insurance / liability insurance for the period of stay at the partner university to the Erasmus + Office.