KA 107 - cooperation with Partner countries

Since 2015, Erasmus+ program Key Action 1 has been extended to countries outside the European Union, the so-called Partner Countries.

The Warsaw University of Technology joined the group of universities cooperating with Partner Countries in 2016. Since that time, Warsaw University of Technology has implemented 5 projects for over 220 000 eur.

Our Partners are universities mainly form China, Republic of South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, Georgia and Indonesia.

Cooperation between the partners (program country and partner country) takes place on the basis of Interinstitutional Agreements, signed at the university level, after receiving funding for project implementation.

Under the Erasmus+ programme - cooperation with Partner Countries, the following types of mobility are implemented:
1. Students' arrivals/departures to complete part of their studies at a partner university,
2. Arrivals/departures of academic staff for teaching purposes at a partner university,
3. Arrivals/departures of academic and non academic staff for training purposes at a partner university.

Principles of project implementation

Students and staff:

- receive support for the mobility in the form of a lump sum for the period of stay at the partner university and a lump sum for the trip,

- apply for mobility opportunities at their home university,

- students coming from universities from partner countries receive funding from the Warsaw University of Technology,

- can come to the Warsaw University of Technology to complete part of their studies for one semester - up to 5 months,

- staff mobility must last min. 5 days and max. 2 months,

- staff carry out min. 8 hours of lectures during a 5-day stay at the partner university.