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Faculties located in Warsaw

Administration and Social Sciences

WAiNS_Datasheet (.pdf, 103.53 kB)



Architecture_Datasheet (.pdf, 100.76 kB)


Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering-courses- South Campus

SiMR_Datasheet (.pdf, 104.22 kB)


Chemical and Process Engineering



Chemistry_Datasheet (.pdf, 133.64 kB)


Civil Engineering-courses

IL_Datasheet (.pdf, 105.50 kB)


Electrical Engineering-courses

EE_Datasheet (.pdf, 104.83 kB)


Electronics and Information Technology-courses

EITI_Datasheet (.pdf, 103.36 kB)


Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Enginering-courses

IBHiŚ_ Datasheet (.pdf, 143.03 kB)


Geodesy and Cartograph-courses

Studies in English

GiK_Datasheet (.pdf, 100.63 kB)


Mathematics and Information Science-courses

MINI_Datasheet (.pdf, 104.36 kB)


Management-courses - South Campus

WZ_Datasheet (.pdf, 103.41 kB)


Material Science and Engineering-courses - South Campus

IM_Datasheet (.pdf, 106.22 kB)


Mechatronics-courses - South Campus

MCHTR_Datasheet (.pdf, 103.86 kB)



Physics_Datasheet (.pdf, 109.48 kB)


Power and Aeronautical Engineering

Courses_MEiL_2022-2023 (.pdf, 158.12 kB)
MEiL_Datasheet (.pdf, 109.70 kB)


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - South Campus

MT_Datasheet (.pdf, 98.97 kB)



Transport_Datasheet (.pdf, 101.75 kB)


Faculties located in Płock (100 km from Warsaw)

Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry (Płock)-courses

BMiP_Datasheet (.pdf, 106.02 kB)


College and Economics and Social Sciences-courses

KNES_Datasheet (.pdf, 101.74 kB)