Before the mobility

Before departure, each student recruited by the Faculty has to submit application documents to the Erasmus+ Office.

Document 1 - application form from the USOS system (PDF file from the USOS) and Document 2 - a signed scan of the Bank account form - please send them to:

The subject of the e-mail should be "Application documents_name and surname".

These documents must be submitted between 4 May 2023 and 30 June 2023.

Students receiving a social scholarship at the University in the academic year preceding the mobility (2023/2024), are asked to send a scan of the decision of receiving the scholarship by 30/06/2023.

Other documents have to be submitted at least one month before departure, but not later than:

- 15/09/2023 - mobility for the winter semester and the whole year

- 15/12/2023 - mobility for the summer semester.

Documents which have to be submitted to the Erasmus+ Office before the planned departure:

1. The application form printed from the USOS system

2. Bank account form

Bank account form (.docx, 33.41 kB)

3. Letter of acceptance - it has to contain the exact dates of mobility from ... to ...

4. Learning Agreement for Studies - signed by 3 parties (we do not accept incomplete documents)

Learning Agreement for Studies (.doc, 180.50 kB)

In case Online Learning Agreement (OLA) was made and accepted by all three parties, paper version is not required. In that case, student should make print screens of accepted OLA from system (it is not possible to generate the file) and send it to Erasmus Office through e-mail.

4a. Credits sheet - valid only at the Faculty of Administration and Social Science, Architecture, Geodesy and Cartography, Civil Engineering, Management and Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

Credits sheet (.docx, 29.78 kB)

5. WWS form - filled only in part A, B and C by a student and signed by the Dean and the Faculty Coordinator in part E

6. Copy of health, accident and liability insurance.

Optional documents:

8. Authorization - required when a student cannot sign the agreement by himself/herself

Authorization (.doc, 28.00 kB)

9. Resignation

Resignation (.doc, 38.50 kB)