Before the mobility

Before departure, each student recruited by the Faculty has to submit application documents to the Erasmus+ Office.

Document 1 - application form from the USOS system (PDF file from the USOS) and Document 2 - a signed scan of the Bank account form - please send them to:

The subject of the e-mail should be "Application documents_name and surname".

These documents must be submitted between 4 May 2022 and 30 June 2022.

Students receiving a social scholarship at the University in the academic year preceding the mobility (2021/2022), are asked to send a scan of the decision of receiving the scholarship by 30/06/2022.

Other documents have to be submitted at least one month before departure, but not later than:

- 15/09/2022 - mobility for the winter semester and the whole year

- 15/12/2022 - mobility for the summer semester.

Documents which have to be submitted to the Erasmus+ Office before the planned departure:

1. The application form printed from the USOS system

2. Bank account form

Bank account form (.docx, 33.41 kB)

3. Letter of acceptance - it has to contain the exact dates of mobility from ... to ...

4. Learning Agreement for Studies - signed by 3 parties (we do not accept incomplete documents)

Learning Agreement for Studies (.doc, 180.50 kB)

4a. Credits sheet - valid only at the Faculty of Administration and Social Science, Architecture, Geodesy and Cartography, Civil Engineering, Management and Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

Credits sheet (.docx, 29.78 kB)

5. WWS form - filled only in part A, B and C by a student and signed by the Dean and the Faculty Coordinator in part E

6. Copy of health, accident and liability insurance.

Optional documents:

8. Authorization - required when a student cannot sign the agreement by himself/herself

Authorization (.doc, 28.00 kB)

9. Resignation

Resignation (.doc, 38.50 kB)