Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

Language assessment

Each participant of the Erasmus+ programme (going to study or traineeship) is required to complete one language assessment after signing the contract. The student has 10 days to complete it. The link to the test is sent to the email provided in the contract.

Online language courses

Higher Education mobility participants have the opportunity to access OLS language courses in both their mobility language and the official local language(s) of their destination country. Participants can simply express their interest by selecting the language(s) they would like to learn with OLS.

Over 20 language courses are pffered as part of OLS.

Modules within the online courses:

- language courses: with the possibility of improving competences: reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, communication; MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) at the level selected by the participant,

- tutoring: virtual classes, classes with teachers are held every other week and last 0.5 hour from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., students sign up for the classes,

- forum: teachers answer participants' questions,

- news,

- level test: test at the end of the on-line course.

More information about the online courses are avaiable at: