Before the mobility

Documents which have to be submitted to the Erasmus+ Office before the mobility:

1. Application form

Application form_traineeships (.docx, 28.93 kB)

2. Confirmation of knowledge of foreign language at B2 level

3. Learning Agreement for Traineeships

4. WWS form - filled only in part A,B,C by a student and signed by the Dean and the Faculty Coordinator in part E

Wniosek skierowanie WWS (.pdf, 83.68 kB)

5. Bank account form

Bank account form (.docx, 33.41 kB)

6. Copy of health, accident and liability insurance

7. Confirmation of student status

Optional documents

8. Authorization - required when a student cannot sign the agreement by herself/himself

Authorization (.doc, 28.00 kB)

9. Resignation

Resignation (.doc, 38.50 kB)