1. When does the recruitment for traineeships take place?

The recrutiment for traineeships is continuous until the funds are exhausted.

2. How much money will I get?

The amount of the scholarchip depends on the country and the length of the exchange. However, we cofinance a maximum of 6 months of traineeships.

3. How do I get an Erasmus+ scholarchip?

After signing the agreement, we have 30 days to transfer the money to a student's bank account.

4. Who is responsible for finding the place of internship?

A student has to find traineeship by herself/himself.

5. What criteria do I have to meet to do internship within Erasmus+?

You have to be a student of at least the second year of the first-degree academic studies (must have completed the first year of studies unconditionally) and you have to confirm the knowledge of the language you will be using during the traineeship, at B2 level.

6. Is English always the language of instruction at the partner institution?

No, English is not always a leading language during the traineeship. Please, make sure during your interview which language you will use during your traineeship.

7. Can I go for traineeship within the Erasmus+ programme after my studies?

Yes, graduates can go for a traineeship but under one condition. They have to be recruited by the Faculty during theirlast year of studies.

8. Can I get a salary from the company despite the fact that I received Erasmus+ scholarschip?

Yes. According to the Erasmus+ programme rules, the receiving institution may offer salary to the trainee. The rules and amount are specified in the Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

9. Can I do the traineeship during my Dean's leave?

No. During the traineeship a student may not be on Dean's or any other leave.